Training overseas

By 'training overseas' we mean training at a drop zone that is not Affiliated to BPA. Please note however that the Cyprus Parachute Centre is Affiliated to BPA and carry out training within the BPA system.  

The following applies to training taken at overseas non-affiliated drop zones.

Arrangements for the integration of training taken outside the BPA system

  1. The BPA recognises only courses of training offered under the requirements of the BPA Operations Manual  by those holding an appropriate BPA Instructor rating where such training is at, or using the facilities of, a BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisation (PTO).
  2. It is important to recognise that even where a BPA Instructor runs a course outside the UK at or in association with a non-affiliated training organisation, this does not guarantee recognition of the course at a BPA Affiliated PTO, because non-affiliated bodies do not operate under the requirements of the BPA Operations Manual.
  3. There is therefore no set BPA UK national accreditation or credit transfer system to recognise courses and training, for example overseas, that are not run under the requirements of the BPA Operations Manual.
  4. However, parachutists jumping at BPA Affiliated PTOs who were trained, or jump outside the BPA system, ie overseas, may be integrated into the appropriate Category / Level / Grade as deemed suitable by the Chief Instructor (CI) at a BPA Affiliated PTO.

The BPA therefore recommends that jumpers who are considering training outside the BPA system should discuss their plans with the CI of their chosen BPA Affiliated PTO before they make arrangements to train outside the BPA system. This should help to ensure that the jumper finds a BPA PTO that will be prepared to integrate them with the BPA system in the appropriate Category / Level / Grade, and thereby avoid any possible disappointment.

Updated 20 September 2019

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