Settlement of Allan Hewitt's grievance against BPA

Posted on 16 December 2016

Settlement of Allan Hewitt's grievance against BPA

Allan Hewitt (pictured) and British Parachute Association (BPA) Ltd are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement on a longstanding grievance against BPA that Allan Hewitt has been pursuing for some three years. They would like to thank Sport Resolutions for their help in reaching this agreement. The BPA acknowledge, with regret, the long and tortuous process Allan Hewitt faced when seeking to reinstate his BPA Advanced Rigger rating. If you are reading this on the BPA front page, please click on the red 'more' button to see the rest of the joint statement...

As a result of this, BPA will review the terms of reference of its Riggers’ Subcommittee to clearly state the rules of eligibility to vote and the required quorum, so it cannot be misunderstood; also to emphasise that decisions cannot be carried if the meeting does not have the necessary quorum, and to clearly define the meaning of a ‘declaration of interest’. 

Allan is a former Chair of the BPA Riggers’ Subcommittee and a major contributor to the development of rigging in sport parachuting. Allan first qualified as a BPA rigger in 1989 and later qualified as a BPA Rigger Examiner and during his time with the BPA his conduct has been exemplary. Allan has demonstrated a professional manner throughout his career and his reputation as a rigger is unblemished.

Tony Butler, BPA Chief Operating Officer, said “BPA has learned lessons from this, and will alter its procedures to assure members with a grievance are provided with an appropriate environment away from busy committee meetings. Members with a grievance will be given sufficient time to be properly heard. The member’s grievance will be considered by a panel including those not on the BPA committee or body with which the member has the grievance. The member with the grievance will be treated with respect throughout the process.”

Allan Hewitt said “I have been a strong supporter of the BPA for many years and spent many hundreds of hours working on BPA projects. My goal was always to improve the knowledge of riggers and skydivers about equipment safety. However, when the system fails to work I believe it’s the responsibility of BPA members to change the system to maintain some common sense. This is the reason I pursued a complaint against the BPA at great expense to myself. The rules and regulations should be followed by everyone including BPA committee members and employees. If a rule or regulation does not make sense then BPA members should always have a right to present changes to improve the system for and on behalf of other BPA members. I would like to see this clearly stated within the BPA system.”

BPA looks forward to welcoming Allan home to BPA so he may continue and develop his career as a Rigger Examiner in the UK.

Updated 29 December 2016

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