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More from BPA AGM - Satuday 26 January 2013

26 February 2013

More from BPA AGM - Satuday 26 January 2013

Here are links to videos from two of this year's afternoon sessions on AGM Day: Jump4Heroes Mission to the Eiger by Alastair Macartney, and the Red Bull Stratos Project by Anu Ojha (pictured), Director, National Space Academy, National Space Centre, Leicester.  Here is a longer video starting with the AGM itself. For news from the AGM, please click on the 'more news' tab below.

More news on BPA AGM 2013

BPA member Ian Rosenvinge put two ordinary resolutions to the AGM.  Ordinary resolutions require a simple majority to carry.  Ian's first resolution carried.  His second resolution did not carry - by 6 votes.

Ian Rosenvinge’s Resolution 1

Right to Address Council/Committee/Sub-Committee - Amendment/Clarification Chairman's Discretion

It is my understanding that our right as members to speak at a BPA convened meeting is at the Chairman's Discretion.  I put it to the BPA Membership that such Discretion is not for the Chairman to deny any the right to speak, but rather as a matter of procedure to choose the moment and order in which those who wish to speak may speak, only curtailing contribution(s) when it becomes apparent that the same point or argument is being repeated by different speakers. Further, that where individuals are, or have been, denied the right to speak and Council, Committee or Sub-Committee have subsequently then taken action, be it due to discipline, a breach or change of regulation(s), and which has then resulted in the curtailment of an individual’s activities, such as through the loss or non-renewal of a rating, that such individuals then have the right of Appeal to a Tribunal.

The vote was - For:  190    Against:  149    Abstain:  23     Carried


Ian Rosenvinge’s Resolution 2

Election/Re-election of BPA Council/Committee/Sub-Committee Chairpersons - Clarification of Procedure

I put to the BPA Membership that it should be proper procedure for BPA Council, its Committees and Sub-Committees to vote to appoint or re-appoint their Chairpersons annually, normally as the first item on the Agenda at their first meeting after the BPA AGM.  My understanding is that this is the accepted practice at BPA Council and at some BPA Committees but that where such a practice has not been followed at other Committees/Sub-Committees then it should now be so forthwith.

The vote was - For:  161    Against:  167     Abstain:  34      Not carried

Total number of voting papers (proxy and ballot):  362.  Ian was present at the count.

Other AGM Day news

  • Subscriptions down for 2013/4 thanks to reduction in insurance premium.
  • First BPA 50 Awards made to those who have been in the sport for 50 Years, further nominations welcome.
  • New Competitions Chair: Paul Moore.
  • AGM Day feature in February Mag.
  • BPA Annual Review of 2012 has been published as an insert to February Mag.
  • Confirmation of election of Council 2013

Thank you to all members who took part in the AGM and the rest of AGM Day's activities and celebrations.   Thank you too to the speakers, presenters, exhibitors, entertiners, helpers and organisers of the event, and to the staff of the Leicester Marriott, our host venue.  

Next BPA AGM Day:  East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham, Saturday 25 January 2014.

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