Governance consultation FAQ

Q: Will the proposed independent non-executive directors have a vote on Council?

A: Yes, the status of all directors will be equal.


Q: What’s the point of a director who may know little or nothing about skydiving?

A:  A fresh pair of independent expert eyes.  Expert in running a sport, a business, a membership body, perhaps – different, complementary kinds of expertise.  Transferable expertise, bringing cross-fertilization of ideas and innovations from other sports.  Combine that with our world-class home-grown skydiving knowledge, and the result is better and more robust governance for a stronger future for our Association and our sport.


Q: If or when the proposed changes come to an AGM, will they be voted on together or separately?

A: That’s a matter for Council to consider after consultation on the proposed changes, in the light of feedback from members.


Q: What will be the transitional arrangements from the current composition of Council to a new one?

A: Other National Governing Bodies of Sport that have changed the composition of their Board or Council have put in place appropriate transitional arrangements, so there is fairly wide experience of this we can draw on.  But it would be putting the cart before the horse to consider transitional arrangements until we know any new structure to which Council may recommend a transition. What we can say is that it would be likely to be a phased transition over more than one year.


Q: Aren’t the proposed changes just common sense in this day and age?

A: Council has come to believe so. However, it’s important that members understand the rationale so that wider changes in society in general and the sporting landscape in particular are put in context for BPA.  Because we’ve always done something a particular way in the past, and it seems to have worked pretty well, doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient or effective way or that it will be fit for purpose in the future - because the world has changed.  The way we’ve always done things is fairly ingrained and this is a step change.

Updated 10 July 2015

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