FAI International Certificates

International Parachuting Certificates of Proficiency

The International Parachuting Commission (IPC) of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) - the World Air Sports Federation - has agreed on a world-wide standard of International Parachuting Certificates of Proficiency (commonly known as 'licences').

The need for these arose from the fact that the requirements for the FAI Parachuting Certificates A, B, C, D, etc. varied widely from country to country, and also because a large number of prominent parachuting nations issued no FAI Certificates or 'licences' at all. IPC considered that, particularly the travelling parachutist and all drop zone operators, would benefit if one standard of FAI Certificate of Proficiency were applied throughout the world.

World-wide recognition

The BPA and other FAI member national parachuting associations will continue to issue their own national licences/certificates in parallel. In contrast the FAI International Certificate is intended to be the benchmark for world-wide recognition.  Drop zones throughout the world are urged to welcome visiting parachutists whose level of expertise in sport parachuting is certified by their FAI member nation through the new official FAI International Certificate of Proficiency (CoP).

International Certificates - GBR

To apply, please download an application form, BPA Form 226, from the BPA Forms page. The standards for each level of Certificate (A, B, C, or D) are printed in the four official FAI languages (English, French, Russian and Spanish). Each CoP booklet will require a photograph of the applicant, and his/her signature. BPA will certify the qualifications of the applicant by placing a 'sticker' for each level of Certificate in the appropriate space. The numbering system is based on the 'country codes' of the International Olympic Committee, the UK code being 'GBR'. The International Certificates are endorsed with the appropriate sticker to signify the level of proficiency reached - A, B, C or D.

Please remember that these CoPs do not replace current BPA Certificates (Red) and do not correlate directly with the BPA system. They should simply be thought of as a parachuting equivalent of the International Driving Licence. They will also help CIs to get a good idea of overseas parachutists' skills when visiting a BPA Affiliated PTO.

Updated 16 October 2019

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