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BPA online membership

The BPA online membership facility is available for:
  • Full members in the UK & Channel Islands or at a BFPO postal address to update their contact details (postal address, telephone/mobile, e-mail)
  • Full members aged 18 or over in the UK & Channel Islands or at a BFPO postal address who do not hold ratings* may renew online for the membership year 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020

* 'ratings' include instructors, coaches, riggers, packers, pilots - and any other rating that has to be signed off

Full members will need the following to activate their online BPA membership account:
  • Name
  • BPA membership number (not licence number!)
  • Personal e-mail address as already recorded on the BPA database
  • Post code or BFPO number as already recorded on the BPA database

(Please note: we regret that we are currently unable to offer the online renewal service to members who hold ratings because ratings need to be signed off. We are developing the facility to do this online, but it is not yet available.)

Sorry, the BPA online membership service is NOT available for:
  • Full member renewal where ratings are held, although full members with ratings in the UK & Channel Islands or at a BFPO postal address may update their personal contact details online
  • Full member renewal for overseas members (other than those with a BFPO postal address)
  • Change of name or ratings
  • Conversions
  • Taking out Student Provisional or Temporary Memberships
  • Updating personal contact details of Student Provisional or Temporary Members
  • Member (Retired)
  • Pilot applications
  • Making discretionary donations to the British Team Fund or the Drop Zone Defence Fund. Such donations continue to be extremely welcome, and may be made by card payment over the phone during BPA HQ opening hours (M-F, 9-5) or by cheque or bank transfer.

Updated 4 March 2019

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