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by Lt Dave Lee RN, Royal Navy Raiders Parachute Display Team

Most parachuting takes place on BPA Affiliated Parachute Centres on airfields known as Drop Zones. BPA Registered Display Teams can offer parachute displays at any appropriate location where it is safe to do so. Display parachuting puts the drop zone amongst the public and allows everyone to witness the skill and commitment display parachutists have in our sport.

Many Display Teams are formed through large organisations such as the Military (the Royal Navy/Royal Marines, the various Army regiments and the Royal Air Force) as well as other bodies such as the Police and Fire Services. However, some teams are made up from a number of like-minded civilian enthusiasts - many BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations support a display team or have a team training there permanently or from time to time.

In all cases, the result is a group of skydivers who enjoy the thrill and challenge of landing as part of a team, usually in a small landing area, avoiding the many hazards nearby. Often they will do this for the entertainment of a crowd as part of a special event such as an outdoor fete or show, or a cultural or sporting event.

In their displays, most teams demonstrate a combination of impressive freefall and canopy skills using smoke for added visual effect and perhaps large trailing flags which can be deployed under canopy. The teams may then land for example in an arena to the applause of an excited crowd. In military displays, some teams use military aircraft and helicopters to reinforce the military theme.

To find out more about Display Parchuting, please contact a BPA Registered Display Team through the links below or get in touch with any BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisation for advice.

Links to some BPA-Registered Display Teams                                                                   

The Red Devils - the official parachute display team of both the Parachute Regiment and the British Army

RLC Silver Stars Army Parachute Display Team

The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Army) Freefall Parachute Display Team 'The Tigers'

Royal Navy Raiders, the Official Parachute Display Team of the Royal Navy

London Fire Brigade Parachute Display Team

Headcorn (Kent) Parachute Display Team

Wild Geese Parachute Display Team - Northern Ireland

REME Lightning Bolts Army Parachute Display Team 

The Ospreys Skydive & Display Team

Jersey (Channel Islands) Parachute Display Team

The Wings Parachute Display Team

See also BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations who may often support a display team or have a team training there permanently or from time to time.

If you are a BPA Registered Display Team Organiser and would like a link to your team's website to be included, please e-mail skydive[at]bpa.org.uk

Skydivers interested in training to take part in displays should ask at their local Drop Zone for further information.












Updated 19 September 2018

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