World Championships Archive

World Indoor Skydiving Championship 2017

2nd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship - 19-22 October 2017, Laval, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


World Parachuting Championships 2016

6th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships - 20-27 August 2016, Farnham, Canada



2016 FAI World Parachuting Championships Mondial – 11-20 September 2016, Chicago, USA

British delegation: Head of Delegation John Smyth MVO, Team Managers Ian Marshall & Craig Poxon, Competitors: NFTO Skydiving Team, MicroClim8, Team CRWSADERS, Wize Prankers, Varial Freefly, Freefly Euphoria, Revolution Freestyle, Satori XL, Michael Lovemore, Esther Reynolds, Steve Hastings,Janos Leszko, Omni 99, Jason Bird, James Parker, Paul Bantock, Barrie Bremner, Max Hurd.


Congratulations to Team NFTO (pictured) on winning Bronze in the women's 4-way Formation Skydiving at WPC Mondial 2016 in Chicago, USA. Team comprises (l to r) Maria Russell, Anna Hicks, Ane Bauerle-Brentford, Simon Brentford (video), and Vana Parker.  Congratulations also to Max Hurd, who won Bronze in Speed Skydiving.


2nd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving - 11-16 October 2016, Warsaw, Poland

Congratulations to teams Volition - British Women's Indoor Skydive Team and NFTO Skydiving Team for taking Silver and Bronze medals in the female 4-way formation skydiving category at the 2nd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving


1st FAI World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championships & 1st FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Acrobatic - 2-9 November 2016, Zephyrhills, Florida, USA



World Parachuting Championships 2014

33rd FAI World Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing Championships

16th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships

Banjaluka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

16-23 August 2014



21st FAI World Formation Skydiving and 10th FAI World Artistics Championships

Prostejov, Czech Republic

25-31 August 2014

Congratulations to GB team Kaizen who have taken Bronze in the 4-way Female Formation Skydiving event at the World Parachuting Championships in Prost?jov, Czech Republic. For results & scores see Omniskore



5th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships

Zephyrhills, Florida, USA

1-7 November 2014


World Parachuting Championships Mondial 2012

 28 Nov to 10 Dec 2012


FAI World Parachuting Championships Mondial 2012

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Freestyle Skydiving
2-Way Sequential
4-Way Rotation
4-Way Sequential
4-Way Event (Open)
4-Way Event (Women)
8-Way Event
VFS 4-Way event
Accuracy Landing (Men, Seniors)
Accuracy Landing (Men, Juniors)
Accuracy Landing (Women, Seniors)
Accuracy Landing (Women, Juniors)
Freefall Style (Men, Seniors)
Freefall Style (Men, Juniors)
Freefall Style (Women, Seniors)
Freefall Style (Women, Juniors)

The British National Delegation is co-ordinated by the BPA Competitions Committee


World Parachuting Championships 2010

At WPC 2010 Menzelinsk, Russia (Artistics, FS & CF: 31 July - 6 August 2010), the British delegation (picuted above) bagged 15 medals - 3 teams with Silver and 1 with Bronze - and three new British records.

WPC 2010 Silver Medallists in 4-way women's FS, Team Bodyflight (l to r) Alan 'Skyspeed' Thompson (camera), Liz Matthews, Tarn Hollis, Amanda Kemp & Sarah Smith

WPC 2010 Freefly Silver Medallists Mike Carpenter (foreground) and Adam Mattacola & Fabian Raidel (background) of Team Volare meet some new fans!

WPC 2010 Freestyle Silver Medallists Team Airkix: Al & Pixie Hodgson

WPC 2010 VFS Bronze Medallists Team Bad Lieutenants : Martin Reynolds, Dan Parker, James Davies, Matthew O'Riordan (being interviewed) & Jim Harris.

31 Jul to 06 Aug 2010

World Formation Skydiving Championships

14th FAI World Canopy Formation Parachuting Championships

8th FAI World Artistic Skydiving Championships

Menzelinsk, Tatarstan, Russia

5 Aug - More medals for Britain from WPC 2010 Menzelinsk - Silver for our women's 4-way FS Team Bodyflight: Liz Matthews, Sarah Smith, Tarnya Hollis, Amanda Kemp & Alan Thompson (camera). Bronze for our VFS Team Bad Lieutenants: Dan Parker, Jim Harris, James Davies, Matthew O'Riordan & Martin Reynolds (camera).

4 Aug - First British Medals: Silver - Speedkix Freestyle: Al & Pixie Hodgson; Silver - Volare Freefly: Adam Mattacola, Fabian Raidel & Mike Carpenter (camera). Volare not only smashed the existing British record but equalled the world record - by performing 24 compulsory sequences in time.

2 Aug - Team Satori set a new British record of 47 in 4-way FS in Rd 3.

1 Aug - New British record in 2-way CF of 12 points in Rd 3 by Team CFUK: Gavin McLeod, Doug Preston & Martin Robiette (camera)

1 Aug - New British record in 2-way CF of 12 points in round 3 by Team CFUK: Gavin McLeod, Doug Preston & Martin Robiette (camera)


UK teams

4-way FS Open: Satori

4-way FS Female: Team Bodyflight

VFS: Bad Lieutenants

Freestyle: Speedkix The Bizzards

Freefly: Volare Army Euphoria

2-way CF Sequential: Yappy Dogs, Cellmates

4-way CF Sequential: Cellmates 4

4-way CF Rotations: Canus Barkus


07 Aug to 15 Aug 2010


3rd FAI World Canopy Piloting Parachuting Championship
Kolomna, Russia

Accuracy, Canopy Piloting, Distance, Speed.

At the CP World Championships, Britain's Alistair Macartney (our only competitor) finished a creditable 9th in Accuracy, out of 55 competitors on the score card.


28 Aug to 04 Sep 2010

31st FAI World Style and Accuracy Parachuting Championship
Niksic, Montenegro

Accuracy Landing (Men, Seniors)
Accuracy Landing (Women, Seniors)
Freefall Style (Men, Seniors)
Freefall Style (Women, Seniors)


World Parachuting Championships 2008

30th FAI World Style and Accuracy Parachuting Championship, Lucenec, Slovak Republic, 27/07/2008 - 01/08/2008 

Head of UK Delegation: Paul Moore  UK competitors: Glenn Stephenson, Peter Sizer, Deane Smith, Alastair Macartney, Esther Reynolds 



18th FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships and 7th FAI World Artistic Skydiving Championships La Salmagne - Maubeuge France, 09/08/2008 - 14/08/2008

Head of UK Delegation: John Smyth MVO

UK competitors:

4-way FS Open: Team Fusion - Lynne Murray, Laura McLelland, Henry Chow, Alan Thompson & Simon Cathrine  

4-way FS Female: Team Storm - Sarah Smith, Hannah Betts, Kate Stephens, Claire Scott & Gary Wainwright (camera) 

8-way FS Team Connextion - Sacha Chilton, Phil Curtis, Phil Hartree, Ian Hodgkinson, Andy Pook, Andy Scott, Dave Ruffell, Mark Whitehead, Dave Butterell (camera)

Freefly: Team Volairkix - Mike Carpenter, Adam Mattacola & Andy Newell (camera)

Freefly: Team Lillo Avalore - Louis Harwood, Rob McVey, Pete Clarke

Freestyle Male: Team Airtrix Freestyle - Andy Lovemore & tba

Freestyle Female: Team Bullet Freestyle - Pixie Hodgson & Al Hodgson; Team Tumbleweed - Deb Clarke & Jim Weir (camera)

13th FAI World Canopy Formation Parachuting Championships, Teuge, Netherlands,  09/09/2008 - 14/09/2008 

UK competitors: CF 2-way sequential:  Adam Johnson, Doug Preston, Craig Poxon

2nd FAI World Canopy Piloting Parachuting Championship, Wonderboom Airport, South Africa, 18/11/2008 - 23/11/2008  

Head of UK Delegation:  Paul Moore.   UK competitors:  Brian Vacher, Deane Smith, Alastair Macartney, Mike Gorman, Stu Storey, John Bishop, Spencer Hogg


World Parachuting Championships 2006

FS and Artistics - Gera, Germany: 6-11 August 2006  


Congratulations to British Team Airkix - World Champions 2006, women's 4-way Formation Skydiving

CF and Classics - Stupino, Russia: 12-20 August 2006

Canopy Piloting - Vienna, Austria: 23-27 August 2006

The British National Team to compete in WPC 2006 was selected at the selection Nationals in 2005 (except in Canopy Piloting, where no Nationals were held in 2005, and instead the Canopy Piloting World Cup held in August 2005 was used for selection). The British National Champions of 2005 in the above disciplines are invited to represent their country at WPC 2006.

The British teams that took part in WPC 2006 were:

WPC 2006 FS and Artistics - Gera, Germany

FS 4-way Open, 4-way Team  Dave Tyler, Alastair Macartney, Dane Kenny, Aaron Faith, Spencer Hogg (camera), Andy Goodall (alternate).

FS 4-way Female, Team Airkix  Claire Sparky Scott, Amanda Kemp, Emma Beyer, Julia Foxwell, Andy Wright (camera)

8-way FS, Team Connexion  Ian Milko Hodgkinson, Phil Curtis, Marcus Beck, Andy Ibbetson, Derek Thomas, Dave Ruffell, Rob Stevenson, Andy Pook, Gary Wainwright (camera)

Female Freestyle, Team Tumbleweed  Deb Clarke, Jim Weir (camera)

Male Skysurf, Team Insanely Board  Rohan Beal, Richard Wiggins (camera)

Freefly, Team Outbreak  Jim Harris, Mike Carpenter, Andy Newell (camera); Team Avalore  Louis Harwood, David Downham, Rob McVey (camera)

Officials: Head of Delegation - John Smyth; Delegation Manager - Andy Scott; Invited FS judges - Bob Charters, Karla Cole, Ruth Cooper.

WPC 2006 CF and Classics - Stupino, Russia

Classics  Jeff Chandler, Nick Johnston, Stuart Morris, Esther Reynolds, Pete Sizer, Glenn Stephenson

CF 4-way Rotations, Team CFUK - Colin Dickson, Paul Speller, Adam Johnson, Eugene Brennan, Pat Hammond (camera), Paul Yeoman (alternate)

CF 2 way Sequential, Team Outcasts - Steve Saunders, Paul Yeoman, Ian Marshall (camera), Jason Snailham (alternate)

CF 4-way sequential, Team Outcasts - Steve Saunders, Paul Yeoman, Ray Brewer, Eugene Brennan, Ian Marshall (camera), Jason Snailham (alternate)

CF 8-way speed, Team Outcasts  Steve Saunders, Paul Yeoman, Eugene Brennan, Ray Brewer, Ian Marshall, Colin Dickson, Paul Speller, Adam Johnson, Pat Hammond (camera), Jason Snailham (alternate)

Officials: Head of Delegation - John Hitchen; Delegation Manager - John Page; Invited Judge - Bob King.

WPC 2006 Canopy Piloting - Vienna, Austria

British Canopy Piloting Team  Brian Vacher, Paul Rossouw, Michael Holmes, Alastair Macartney, Mark Bayada

Officials: Head of Delegation - John Smyth; Delegation Manager - Grant Richards; Trainee International Canopy Piloting Judge - Kate Charters.


World Parachuting Championships 2004

18-24 September 2004 - Rijeka, Croatia: FS, Classics, CF

13-20 September 2004 - Brazil: Artistic Events: Freestyle, Skysurf, Freefly


World Parachuting Championships Mondial 2003

Congratulations to British Team VMax - World Champions in women's 4-way FS

UK women's 4-way Formation Skydiving Team VMax has taken Gold at the World Parachute Championships Mondial 2003 held from 6-13 September at Gap-Tallard Aerodrome near the French Alpine town of Gap

VMax - Liz Groucott, Sarah Laughton, Sacha Chilton and Claire Scott, with their camera flyer Andy Ford - beat off tough competition from Norway, the USA and five other nations to come out top in a thrilling competition that, to start with, didn't appear to begoing their way.

The Norwegian team dominated the first five rounds, and by the middle of the competition looked as if they had victory in the bag. Starting round 6 from 2 points behind, VMax ratcheted it up a notch to score a women's World Record 28 and took the lead for the first time, now leaving Norway trailing by 2 points with the USA inthird place. After round 9, VMax had built up a 6-point cushion going into the final round. In a nail-biting tenth and final round, the Norwegian girls were up first and scored a massive 18, leaving VMax needing 13 to win... when the score was posted as a safe 15, the Brits in the crowd were ecstatic. The VMax chicks, all wearing Union Flag sports tops, went wild. The Gold Medals were presented to the strains of the 'God Save The Queen' and the Union Flag fluttered in the breeze. Champagne flowed, and so did the tears - and that included the boys!

VMaxs fantastic victory is all the sweeter because it is the first time the UK has ever won a Formation Skydiving (FS) World Championships. The last time Britain won a medal in FS, it was a bronze and that was 22 years ago!

The BPA congratulates VMax on their world-class sporting excellence. Congratulations also to the other UK teams that took part in the Mondial 2003: 4-way FS team XL, who just missed out on a Bronze; 8-way FS team VNE, and CF 4-way Team Focus and CF 8-way team Hinton-8, and to the Style & Accuracy jumpers in the individual and team events. The UK Delegation did us all proud and made many friends throughout the world parachuting community. Thanks also to BPA Competitions Chairman John Smyth who worked tirelessly to look after the organisation of our delegation. For scores and more information, click here for the official Mondial 2003 website, and click here for the Omniskore event website. A full report on the UK at the Mondial 2003 is in Skydive the Mag for October 2003.

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