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With effect from Friday 7 April 2017 the numbering of some declaration of fitness/medical forms has changed. The old forms are no longer available from the BPA website. However, old forms already in use will remain valid until the Doctor's Certificate runs out. If you require any further advice or information please contact your BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisation direct.


We receive occasional reports from a few web users who are unable to download pdf forms from the BPA website. This may be an issue with certain browsers or pdf readers. If you are unable to download a form, please e-mail the form number you require to skydive[at]bpa.org.uk

You can download most forms in Microsoft Word .doc format or pdf format, although some forms, including declaration of fitness forms, are available in pdf only. To read pdfs, you need Adobe Reader, which you can download free of charge from Adobe. Please report any broken links to us.

Not all BPA Forms are publicly available here on the BPA website. If the form you are looking for is not listed, please enter 'current' in the Forms search box in the header to this page to see the current list of forms (as a pdf), and e-mail us at skydive[at]bpa.org.uk with the number and name of the form you require. 

Other key BPA documents that are not forms - BPA ManualsThe BPA Operations Manual is downloadable from its own page in the Stay safe section, as are the BPA Equipment for Instructors Manual,  BPA Rigging Manuals and the BPA Jump Pilots' Manual.  BPA Training Manuals are downloadable from the Training and Progression section.  Rules for the Nationals are available (once published each spring) through links on the Nationals page.


Code Name Word Doc PDF Excel Spreadsheet Modified date
F115AStudent Tandem Medical Information and Declaration   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F115CSolo Student Parachutist Medical Information and Declaration   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F192Frequencies and contacts   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F109ABalloon Pilot Application / renewal / Addition   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F106Membership Agreement   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F243UK National Skydiving Record   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F115BStudent Tandem Medical Advice Form   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F169Advanced Packing Course (Syllabus)   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F252Asthma and Skydiving   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F279CAA Application for Radio Operator's Certificate of Competence SRG1413   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F212Approved Tandem Equipment Modifications   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F247JM1 & CH2 Record Sheet   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F190bBPA 'B' Licence Application   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F190cBPA C Licence Application   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F103ARETIRED - Full Member (Retired) Word Document PDF Document   23/10/2019
F241CH2 Written Examination   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F115ELicensed Parachutist Medical Information and Declaration   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F237Rigging Loft Minimum Criteria   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F125Radio Station Operators Guide   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F219Role Description of BPA Discipline Reps   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F134BCH Coach Application   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F146ATo the Police Officer attending an incident   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F134fBFF Coach Application   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F253Packing - Rigging Confidential Report   PDF Document   23/10/2019
F189Guidelines for SS1 & 2   PDF Document   23/10/2019

Updated 16 October 2019

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