Council & Committees


Debbie Carter (Treasurer), Craig Poxon (Vice Chair) and Martin Soulsby (Chair)

10 BPA Council Members are nominated and elected annually by the voting Membership, and two independent Council members are appointed at the AGM on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee opf Council. Council Members are Directors of British Parachute Association Ltd (BPA). Council may co-opt, as non-voting members, those whose skills may assist it in its work. As the National Governing Body for Sport Parachuting in the UK, BPA Ltd is a not-for-profit company without share capital, incorporated by guarantee. Council is responsible for the governance and policy of the Association.

Council normally meets seven times each year. See the diary of events page for meeting dates. BPA meetings are open to Members to attend as observers, except for any in-camera (closed) sessions which the Chair of a meeting may call when confidential matters are being discussed.


Council 2018

Paul Applegate, Mark Bayada, Adrian Bond, Nick Bunting (independent), Brian Cumming, Tash Higman, Yassi Molazadeh, Craig Poxon, Martin Soulsby, Sue Stanhope (independent), Brian Vacher, Georgie Vacher; co-optees (non-voting): Debbie Carter (Treasurer), Jeff Montgomery (STC Chair - staff)

Register of elected members' interests

Officers & representatives

BPA Vice Presidents - Chris Allen, Jim Crocker, John Hitchen, John Lines and John Smyth MVO.

Chair - Martin Soulsby martin.soulsby[at]

Vice Chair -  Craig Poxon craig[at]

Treasurer - Debbie Carter skydive[at]

Safety & Training Committee Chair - Jeff Montgomery, BPA Safety & Technical Officer jeff[at]  The membership of STC comprises all current Chief Instructors (CIs) of BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations (PTOs). Correspondence for STC should be sent to Trudy Kemp, PA to the COO/STO trudy[at]

Communications, Competitions, & Development Chairs & Committees - please see below.

UK Delegate to the International Parachuting Commission (IPC) of FAI, the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) - John Smyth MVO;  UK Alternate Delegate to IPC - Craig Poxon;  Delegate to the Royal Aero Club (UK National Air Sports Control) - Craig Poxon;  Alternate Delegate to the Royal Aero Club - Martin Soulsby;  GASCo Rep - Kieran Brady

Medical Adviser - Dr John Carter;  Aviation Adviser - Tony Knight;  Safeguarding Adviser - Sara Orton

Archivists - Graham Spicer & Andrew Hilton archive[at]  web:



Staff at BPA HQ are responsible for day-to-day running of the BPA in accordance with the policy of the Council, including membership renewals and conversions, and answering questions on a wide range of matters including technical, safety, events and first-time jumping, etc.

To contact BPA HQ, please email membership[at] for Membership Services or skydive[at] for Administration or telephone 0116 278 5271.

Normal opening hours of BPA HQ are 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday (excepting bank holidays and the Christmas/New Year holiday period). 

Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Tony Butler tony[at]

Safety & Technical Officer (STO) - Jeff Montgomery jeff[at]

Secretary-General - Martin Shuttleworth martin[at]

Finance Manager - Jon Gretton jonathan[at]

PA to COO & STO - Trudy Kemp trudy[at]

Administration Secretary - Helen Lucas skydive[at]

Membership Services: membership[at]   Karey Goodwin karey[at]   Sue Allen sue[at]

Competitions & Awards Co-ordinator - Joy Ledger  joy[at]

Stores - Dave Lucas  dave[at]


Committees 2018

See the diary of events for meetings dates (as available).  The Communications and Development Committees usually meet earlier in the day of a Council meeting.  

BPA also has four Specialised Interest Groups (SIGs), as follows: Competitions Committee - Competitions Judges Specialised Interest Group;  Development Committee -  Drop Zone Owners & Operators Specialised Interest Group;  Safety & Training Committee (STC) - Display Teams Specialised Interest Group, and Pilots Specialised Interest Group. Meetings of SIGs are arranged by therir sponsoring committee, and are chaired by the Chair of the main Committee or his/her nominee.


Competitions Committee including Discipline Reps

Competitions Chair - Brian Vacher

To contact the Competitions Committee or a Discipline Rep - skydive[at]

Committee Secretary - Helen Lucas, Administration Secretary

Competitions & Awards Co-ordinator - Joy Ledger  joy[at]

Competitions Committee - Brian Vacher (Chair & CP Discipline Rep), Tash Higman (Vice Chair & Judges' Co-ordinator), Mark Bayada, Discipline Reps: Wingsuit - Mike Williams; CF - Mary-lou Barratt; Speed - Mike Lovemore; FF/Artistics - Emma Hart; VFS - Michael Wilson-Roberts; FS - Georgie Vacher; Accuracy - Ian Marshall.


Communications Committee

Communications Chair - Adrian Bond adrian[at]

To contact the Committee skydive[at]

Committee Secretary - Martin Shuttleworth, Secretary-General

Communications Committee - Adrian Bond (Chair). Paul Applegate, Brian Cumming, Yassi Molazadeh, Andy Pointer, Craig Poxon. Co-opted, non-voting: Liz Ashley (Editor, Skydive the Mag - editor[at], James 'Macca' Macdonald, BPA Digital Editor macca[at]


Development Committee

Development Chair - Craig Poxon craig[at]

To contact the Committee - skydive[at]

Committee Secretary - Martin Shuttleworth, Secretary-General

Development Committee - Craig Poxon (Chair), Paul Applegate, Adrian Bond, Debbie Carter (Treasurer), Brian Cumming, Yassi Molazadeh, Andy Pointer, Graham Spicer (Chair, IT Strategy Group).















Tony Butler

Chief Operating Officer









Adrian Bond

Communications Chair









Brian Vacher

Competitions Chair









Jeff Montgomery

Safety & Technical Officer

& STC Chair


Liz Ashley, Editor

BPA Skydive the Mag

Updated 18 September 2018

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