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Thank you to the skydiving photographers who have kindly allowed the BPA to use their images on this site.

British Parachute Association Ltd (BPA) is the not-for-profit National Governing Body for skydiving in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. BPA is indebted to the many skydiving photographers who have kindly given permission for their images of the sport to feature here on the website of their sport's governing body.  The photographers own the copyright of their images.

Contributing photographers include: Andy Wright, Babylon, Sacha Chilton, J C Colclasure, Tony Danbury, Andy Ford, Mike Gorman, Sarah Hall, Stijn Janssens, Andy Lovemore, Michael McGowan, Milko, Francisco Neri, Royal Navy Raiders Parachute Display Team, Brian Vacher, Andy Vernum, Gary Wainwright, Chris Wood, Simon Ward and many others, to all of whom BPA is most grateful.

If you are interested in using any of these image in your own publicity, please contact BPA HQ skydive[at] in the first instance.  We will do our best to put you in touch with the relevant photographer.

Policy on use of the BPA logo

The BPA logo is a Registered Trade Mark. It is also registered with the UK Copyright Service as copyright to British Parachute Association Ltd.

The BPA logo may be used on advertisements or promotional material that promotes sport parachuting in a positive manner and has no financial return for the vendor or promoter.

Only BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations and BPA Registered Display Teams may use the BPA logo on advertising or promotional material that promotes any sport parachuting activity from which the vendor or promoter may gain financially.

BPA's full policy on use of the BPA logo is set out in BPA Form 263, 'Policy on use of the BPA logo' (enter '263' or 'logo' in the Search Forms box at the head of this page).



















Updated 25 April 2019

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