BPA Membership renewal

Full Member Renewal: 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018

Can you renew online?  Members who may renew online are those aged 18 or over in the UK & Channel Islands or at a BFPO postal address and who do not hold, and have never held, ratings. If you meet these criteria, please click on the 'Log in' tab above to renew online. (Members with ratings can update their personal contact details, but not renew, online.)

To renew by post or fax:  please use renewal form (BPA Form 101 - pdf, 2.9 MB) - enter 101 in the Search forms box above, print off and complete the form then return it by post or fax to BPA HQ. Please allow up to 10 days when applying for renewal.  Please do NOT return your completed form by e-mail scan, but by post or fax.

If renewing by post, please kindly ensure the correct large letter postage for the size/thickness of the envelope is applied particularly if you are returning your BPA Licence to be updated with your renewal form, as insufficent postage will result in delay to your renewal as we have to pay any underpaid postage before the item will be delivered. Thank you.

The renewal subscription rate is set out on the form.

Our preferred method of payment is debit card, because it costs the BPA less to process a payment by this method than by credit card or cheque.

Renewal forms will be accepted for processing only by post, fax or hand. We regret we are unable to process renewals over the telephone or by e-mail. Renewals are available on an annual basis only - no part-year renewal is available, so no reduced subscription is payable by delaying renewal.

BPA Membership Services e-mail: membership[at]


Third party insurance

Third party insurance cover is included in most categories of BPA Membership (please see table below). The insurance premium forms part of the membership subscription for Full, Temporary and Provisional Student Members. The indemnity limit of the BPA insurance policy is £5m at BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations and £100,000 at overseas non-affiliated drop zones, excluding the USA where the policy does not apply. The policy does not provide cover for instructor negligence at non-affiliated drop zones.

Please refer to the policy summary (from linked insurance page, see below) for the benefits and exclusions.

Please note in particular that:

  1. except for death and critical injury cover whilst jumping under the BPA Operations Manual (see below), BPA insurance does not include personal accident cover. BPA recommends that members should take out their own personal accident insurance - various insurers offer such cover (it is not available through the BPA).  BPA strongly recommends that all members who jump overseas should take out their own personal accident travel insurance policy which includes cover for skydiving, with repatriation to the UK in the event of an emergency. It should include equipment and baggage cover. 
  2. BPA insurance cover does not apply to indoor skydiving at at wind tunnels
  3. BPA insurance cover for non-UK residents and/or citizens performing activities outside the UK applies only at BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations or as part of a BPA-Registered Display Team.

BPA Members' insurance includes a separate policy giving £15K death and critical injury cover whilst undertaking a parachute jump from leaving the aircraft until such time the landing is complete in accordance with the BPA Operations Manual supplemented by local Standard Operating Procedures, ie when jumping at BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations or on an organised and notified display by a BPA-Registered Display Team. The death and critical insurance policy does NOT apply outside the UK except at the BPA Affilated Parachute Training Organisations on British bases in Germany and Cyprus.

Click here for more on insurance and travel, including a summary of BPA Members' insurance.


Categories of BPA membership and their entitlements from 1 April 2015

Please refer to BPA Form 269 Categories of BPA Membership


BPA Membership forms are available by entering the form number in the Search Forms box in the header to this page:

Form 101  Membership Renewal

Form 102  Student Membership

Form 103  Application for Full Membership

Form 103A  Application for RETIRED Full Member

Form 104  Application for Temporary Membership (unlimited jumping for one month)

Form 105  Conversion to Full Membership

Form 105A  Conversion from Full (Retired) to Full Membership

Form 106  Membership agreement

Form 107  BPA Membership Subscriptions

Form 269  Categories of BPA Membership and their entitlements from 1 April 2015

Form 282  BPA Griveance procedure 

Pilot status within BPA


BPA Membership statistics

The BPA membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March the following year (12 months).

BPA Membership totals for the membership year 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017, compared with the previous year, 2015/16:










(including Joint Services Adventurous Training)   




Student Provisional




Weather is always a factor, sometimes a significant one, in year-on-year variance.


BPA Full Membership soars to all-time record - again!

Full BPA membership, which passed the 6,000 mark for the first time in the membership year ending 31 March 2015, grew year-on-year by a further 2% to a new record of 6,398 in the membership year ended 31 March 2016 and another 1% to a new record of 6,463 in the year ended 31 March 2017.


Membership & jumping facts & figures

BPA facts & figures for the previous membership year are published in the BPA Annual Report for that year, please see the About us page.

Updated 29 August 2017

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