BPA UKSL & BPA Grand Prix

BPA Grand Prix 2018 & BPA UKSL 2018






UKSL FS 4-way

Meet 1



Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell



5-6 May 2018



UKSL FS 4-way

Meet 2



Skydive Langar


9-10 June 2018


UKSL FS 4-way

Meet 3



Skydive North West, Cark



7-8 July 2018


GP Accuracy

Meet 1



Skydive Headcorn


19-20 May 2018




GP Accuracy

Meet 2



Skydive Buzz, Dunkeswell



4-5 August 2018


GP Canopy Formation



Skydive North West, Cark  



23-24 June 2018



Rules & entry forms

Please use the Search Forms box in the header to this page to download the following. You need enter only the Form number. Please ensure the rules are for 2018, which are normally published in the spring. (Until then, last year's rules will remain available for information only.)


Accuracy landings Grand Prix

BPA Form 166 - Grand Prix Accuracy Landings Rules

BPA Form 132A - Grand Prix Accuracy Landings Entry Form


Formation Skydiving - UKSL

BPA Form 165 - UKSL 4 Way Rules

BPA Form 131 - UKSL 4 Way Entry Form


Canopy Formation Grand Prix

BPA Form 164 - Grand Prix Canopy Formation Rules

BPA Form 291 - Canopy Formation Technical Rules

BPA Form 133 - Grand Prix Canopy Formation Entry Form


Canopy Piloting Grand Prix

BPA Form 293 - Grand Prix Canopy Piloting Rules

BPA Form 293A - Grand Prix Canopy Piloting Entry Form

Updated 21 May 2018

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