BPA Nationals

BPA National Championships 2017



Dates & results


Wingsuit Performance & Acrobatics            



APA Netheravon


26-29 May 2017

Acrobatic - Advanced

Acrobatic - Intermediate

Performance - Advanced

Performance - Intermediate

Performance -Rookie

Performance - UK Open

Performance - International Open



Accuracy Only



Skydive Swansea



2-4 Aug 2017 (Weds-Fri)




Formation Skydiving 4-way


Skydive Hibaldstow






Skydive Hibaldstow



19-21 Aug 2017

FS 4-Way - AAA

FS 4-Way - AA

FS 4-Way - A

FS 4-Way - Rookie


Artistic, Speed Skydiving, FS 8-way                    



26-28 Aug 2017

AE Freestyle A

AE Freestyle B

AE Freefly A

AE Freefly B


FS 8-Way Senior

FS 8-Way Rookie


Canopy Piloting

Skydive Buzz

 1-3 Sep 2017






Canopy Formation




8-10 Sep 2017



Speed 8


UK Para, Sibson


16-17 Sep 2017


 VFS 4-way

Skydive Buzz

16-17 Sep 2017



Rules & entry form 2017

Please note that FAI Sporting Licences are no longer required to compete at Senior level at BPA Nationals and competitors will therefore no longer be able to apply for a Sporting Licence at National competitions hosted by BPA-Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations.

The Nationals 2017 entry form, BPA Form 274, is available here or by entering '274' in the Search Forms box in the header to this page.

BPA Nationals Rules 2017

Formation Skydiving - comprises TWO files:

Formation Skydiving

2 Appendix 2017


Speed Skydiving - comprises ONE file:

1 Speed Skydiving


8-Way Speed - comprises ONE file:

1 8-way Speed


Accuracy Landings - comprises TWO files:

1 Accuracy Landings

2 Appendix FAI AC Rules 2017


Canopy Piloting - comprises TWO files:

1) Canopy Piloting

2) Appendix FAI CP Rules 2017


Wingsuit Performance & Acrobatic Flying - comprises TWO files:

1 Wingsuit Flying

2 Appendix 2 FAI Winsuit Flying Rules 2016


Canopy Formation - comprises TWO files:

1 Canopy Formation Nationals Rules  

2 Canopy Formation Technical Rules - Form 291


Vertical Formation Skydiving - comprises TWO files:

1   VFS Rules Parts 1 & 2

VFS 4-Way Dive Pool


Artistics - comprises SIX files:

1  Artistics Parts 1 & 2

Addendum A1 - Freestyle

Addendum A2 - Freefly Compulsory A & B Groups

Addendum B - Basic body positions, orientations & rotations

Addendum C - Difficulty

Addendum D - Routine description


Updated 18 September 2017

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